The Interregional Relationship Between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean
Autonomous National University of Mexico
Data publikacji: 31-03-2020
Stosunki Międzynarodowe – International Relations 2020;56(1):39-64
The interregional relationship between the European Union and Latin America as well as the Caribbean in 2020 can be described as a ‘renewal’, given the relative loss of interest on both sides, which has prevailed in recent years. This relationship has a solid structure that has been built since the 1990s and it stands out from any other relationships between regions in the world. This study has four sections. The first one addresses the issue of the structure of the interregional relationship, which is characterised by asymmetry, but which does not fully represent the vertical-monolithic ‘North-South’ model. The second section focuses on the three strategic negotiating fronts that have been promoted: bilateral, subregional, and regional. The third section proposes the periodisation of the historical evolution of the relationship during its sixty years of existence, which went through four stages. Finally, in the conclusions I situate the interregional relationship in the framework of the ‘variable geometry’, imposed by the EU Strategy, which responds to the new pragmatic’ approach to the EU’s foreign activities.
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