Polish Involvement in Africa: Ambassador Lewandowski in the UN and the Congo Issue
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Uniwersytet Warszawski
Publication date: 2016-06-30
Stosunki Międzynarodowe – International Relations 2016;52(2):367-382
The purpose of the article is to analyse the Polish foreign policy in the UN during the Cold War. The author has chosen the year 1960 for her case study, as at that time Poland was a member of the UN Security Council and was represented by Ambassador Bohdan Lewandowski. Furthermore, the article shall elaborate on the role played by Ambassador Lewandowski. In the period in question, Poland strived to support newly emerging countries and their independence, which was not only determined by the overall policy of the socialist camp but even more so by Poland’s entire historical experience. This was also the case when Congo gained independence. The author shall present the significant role played in the Security Council by Polish Ambassador Bohdan Lewandowski, who sought to support Congo through his activity. The article shall also elaborate on the role played by UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjoeld and on the controversies surrounding ONUC, the UN peacekeeping mission deployed to the Congo upon the request of the local government. Furthermore, the author shall analyse the policies and positions of the other countries sitting in the Council that influenced the course and conclusion of the crisis and the mission that was to address it. The article focuses on the problem of divisions in the Security Council, the key importance of the Secretary-General’s position, but most importantly it presents Poland’s efforts to support Congo and help it maintain independence and sovereignty.
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