Review procedure
  • Manuscripts submitted to the Editorial Board undergo a review procedure (by submitting the text for publication, the Author agrees to this procedure).
  • The manuscripts are subject to a preliminary internal evaluation of a formal and substantive nature by the Editorial Board.
  • After initial verification, the authors are advised of acceptance or rejection of the manuscript.
  • Qualifying manuscripts are sent for review by competent reviewers from outside the Editorial Board (double-blind peer review) [more].
  • Reviews are in writing and conclude with a recommendation to publish or reject the article (conditional acceptance is also possible after taking into account the comments of the reviewer).
  • The authors of the texts are advised of the content of the review.
  • In the case of a positive or conditional review, the authors make corrections to their texts in accordance with the recommendations and comments of the Reviewers and send them to the Editors on the agreed date.
  • The corrected texts are submitted for publication by the Editors.