Guidelines for Reviewers
Reviewers are requested to prepare a detailed review assessing the content of the article according to the five main points on the review sheet:
  1. Does the article bring something new to the subject of research?
  2. Evaluation of the Author's methodology.
  3. Evaluation of the sources used.
  4. Evaluation of the Author's language.
  5. Assessment of the abstract in terms of language, consistency and clarity of message with regards to the article’s content.

Reviewers are also requested to present detailed comments, which will allow the Authors to improve the texts if necessary.

The review procedure should include a final recommendation. Three options are possible:
  • Manuscript approved for publication
  • Manuscript approved for publication conditionally - after addressing comments of the reviewer
  • Manuscript not approved for publication

If the evaluated article requires corrections, additions or changes, the Reviewer should indicate the suggested corrections in the part entitled "detailed remarks”. The corrected article will be sent to the Reviewer for verification.

Reviewers are asked to prepare a review and return the review sheet together with the recommendation within 21 days.

Download the review sheet.