Artificial Intelligence in the Security Policy of the Russian Federation
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Publication date: 2020-03-31
Stosunki Międzynarodowe – International Relations 2020;56(1):65-90
Traditionally, technological progress is among the factors which influence international relations and its security. Currently, the next wave of informational revolution has introduced a faster, closer, and less predictable environment of interactions. New kinds of threats, such as artificial intelligence (AI), are emerging and challenging traditional views on security issues. Due to its uniqueness, AI poses an enormous challenge for different dimensions of international security. It is favoured by its essence and specificity which contain its definition as an instrument of an autonomous decision-making process based on the processing of a huge amount of data, enabling the development of learning procedures, and acting in accordance with its own logic. The importance of AI was noticed by main international players, including the Russian Federation’s authorities. References to this technology have been found in several state documents and governmental projects since 2017. The focus on developing this technology has been growing, especially in the military sector. However, the actions taken and strategies developed are being confronted with technological delays and limited financial assets, which means that Russia still lags behind the leaders of the AI research, such as the USA and China.
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