EU’s Perceptions in China: Teacher, Co-operator, Competitor and Troublemaker
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Peking University
Shanxi University
Publication date: 2015-03-31
Stosunki Międzynarodowe – International Relations 2015;51(1):93-106
Chinese people have four different perceptions of the European Union (EU): of a teacher, co-operator, competitor, and troublemaker. ‘Teacher’ means that the EU is the role model for China. Nowadays, the EU is a major destination for Chinese overseas students as well as one of the destinations where Chinese officials spend their overseas investigation trips. ‘Co-operator’ means the EU and China are partners rather than opponents. The cooperation between the EU and China is diversified and China shows a stronger intention to cooperate with the EU. In the economic field, the EU has become the largest trading partner of China, while China has been the second largest trading partner of the EU. China expects to coordinate and cooperate with the EU in matters concerning global affairs and local hot issues such as climate change, the fight against terrorism, resource and food safety protection, and the facilitation of international financial system reforms and global governance to improve each other’s right of speech in global governance. ‘Competitor’ means that the EU and China should compete against each other fairly in all fields, especially in the economic field, and meanwhile seize the market by dint of technical and price advantages rather than governmental intervention. ‘Troublemaker’ means that the EU often criticizes China’s inadequate efforts in the field of the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms, requiring China to establish a diversified society in accordance with EU values.
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