State Branding: The Example of Dubai’s Policy in 1989–2019
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Doktor, Instytut Socjologii i Pedagogiki, Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego w Warszawie
Magister, Społeczna Akademia Nauk w Warszawie, Wydział Nauk Humanistycznych
Publication date: 2019-12-31
Stosunki Międzynarodowe – International Relations 2019;55(4)
Dubai has undergone a huge political, economic and social transformation in just a few decades. It has become an ultra modern metropolis and is currently one of the cities that is most visited and recognized by tourists. This article analyses the state branding strategy as well as advertising and promotional activities under- taken by the rulers of the emirate, which have influenced perceptions of Dubai and shaped its identity, together with determining new global trends. Consistent management of the place brand and the use of innovative promotion tools as well as technological innovations have resulted in the emirate becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations and global trade centres within three decades. It is also considered one of the most developed and fastest developing cities. The Dubai brand is associated with innovation, ultramodern architecture, wealth and many world-famous events.
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