BRICS as Representative of the Interests of the Global South: An Analysis of the Group’s Position on the Main Issues in North-South Dialogue
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Uniwersytet Szczeciński
Publication date: 2017-12-31
Stosunki Międzynarodowe – International Relations 2017;53(4):53-67
Over the course of nine summits, the leaders of BRICS (Brasil, Russia, India, the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of South Africa) have clearly refer red to subjects spanning the interests of countries outside the bloc, in particular countries belonging to the Global South. Addressed to these was a vision of international relations indicating that today’s globalised and interdependent world cannot be dominated by a single group of countries, namely the Global North. The article analyses the declarative layer of the outcome documents published after BRICS summits. It attempts to verify the main hypothesis, namely that BRICS speaks on behalf of the Global South, its programme representing the interests of developing countries and formulating a need to alter the current international cooperation model. The text also examines three auxiliary hypotheses related to the frequency of references to the Global South in official BRICS documents.
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